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Burton Sweet’s way of working may not be unique, but we certainly believe it sets us apart from many. Far from being a group of solely (and soulless) number crunchers, we are a mixed team of people that provides expertise and experience in a diverse range of business and commercial sectors.

Yes, we can complete your tax return. And yes, we can file your company’s confirmation statement at Companies House. But our ability to provide broader advisory services means we often become vital partners to our clients, helping them to steer their course through the business world.


The Business Life Cycle

All businesses are fluid and all go through a life cycle. We’re here to help at every stage, from starting out through growth, acquisition and consolidation towards your preferred exit. Experience shows that the more involved we are, the better positioned you are to cope with the trials and tribulations of being in business.

Our business advisory services cover:



As you plan growth, we can work with you to assist in making sure those plans are realised.

This can start with building balance sheet values to create credibility and cash flows that will be needed, and introducing the business to finance and professional contacts who will be of assistance.

We can help with reviewing target businesses and valuations, and can assist with due diligence reviews in liaison with other key advisers, as well as work with you to update/implement systems and update reporting after any acquisition.



Understanding how your business works and creating a detailed model that helps predict expected outcomes can be critical. Monitoring actual results against that model highlights how the business is running and helps in amending your assumptions and/or getting a focus on inefficiencies or successes.

For some, the process of setting the first budget can be difficult. We can work with you to get started and to improve the process to get an accurate model that can be used for business decisions and also used to help support lending/financing needs.



Organising whether you should trade as an individual, a partnership or a limited company is far more than a tax question, although often that is the initial focus when thinking about structure and restructuring a business.

We can advise you on the interaction of different structures, including trusts and how groups of companies/associated companies may be useful to ring fence certain assets or enable tax efficient recycling of funds for reinvestment. It can be complex but also very powerful in achieving broader objectives for the entrepreneur as part of wider planning requirements.



The ideal scenario when raising finance would enable the issues of security and serviceability of any loan funding or the re-writing of the Articles and Share rights etc. for equity issues to be planned in advance, and approached as part of an agreed strategic plan.

Often, an opportunity arises and the need to quickly take advantage of it requires a change in plans and some quick reactions.

As well as being able to assist with any numbers and presentations, we work with banks and other lending institutions/brokers and have contacts with alternative providers of finance, including crowd funding, to whom we are pleased to introduce you.


Planning any exit from a business will achieve the best result. We can work with you and your advisers to plan the process and value for any disposal/exit. This would ideally start several years away from any ideal date for the transaction.

Whether a sale to existing management or to a third party, we can liaise and ensure that the best practical and tax treatment is obtained as well as support you through what can be a stressful period.

As well as being able to assist with any numbers and presentations, we work with banks and other lending institutions/brokers and have contacts with alternative providers of finance, including crowd funding, to whom we are pleased to introduce you.

Advice on specific issues

Over and above the key stages of the business life cycle, we are also able to provide balanced advice on most topics that might influence your business’s success, including:

Business Costs Reviews
In association with our partners, Auditel, we can help in fully analysing your business costs for you, and advising on where savings might be made. Our Costs Review service takes into account both the direct and indirect costs associated with making effective cost management decisions and, whilst a focus on increasing sales and the development of new customers is essential to many businesses, an easy and substantial gain in profitability can very often be found by undertaking regular cost reviews.

Asset and vendor finance
Do you buy or lease? Do you customers buy or lease from you? Weighing up the pros and cons is invaluable when it comes to choosing whether to invest in an asset or set up a fixed term leasing agreement. Leasing keeps working capital within the business, negates the need for a substantial investment, reduces risk and improves margins.

Burton Sweet Asset Finance is a joint venture with Cabot Asset Finance.

Accounting and payroll software and IT Support
Understanding both the end product and all the stages taken to get there, we are very well placed to advise on procurement of accounting software and IT hardware. We are happy to support you in the implementation of both, and the subsequent training of accounting software and IT software as well as the training of internal teams looking after payroll.

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